Foster Children Programs

Our donor-funded NJ foster children programs give foster kids & youth the opportunity to live happier and more productive lives, allowing them to become self-sufficient adults.

We Heart Birthdays

Birthdays are memories a child should treasure for a lifetime. That’s why we’ve decided to send out a birthday gift to foster and kinship children and youth in New Jersey. We want them to know that on their special day, when they’re blowing out the candles on their cake, we’re thinking of them.

Dreamers and Believers

Dreamers and Believers provides enrichment experiences for foster children and those who have been in foster care (up to age 21). Dreamers and Believers Grants are available in amounts of up to $600 per foster child in NJ.

Fostering Wishes

Fostering Wishes program grants wishes for foster children for the “little extras” in life that, often times, the State and foster parents are unable to provide due to financial constraints.

The Backpack Program

embrella’s Backpack Program was born from the images of children being removed from their homes for reasons of abuse or neglect with their belongings placed in trash bags.

A Holiday Celebration for Every Child

A Holiday Celebration for Every Child gives NJ foster children the chance to enjoy refreshments, games, and holiday-themed activities.

Summer Camp Scholarships

Our summer camp scholarships for foster children in New Jersey provide kids with an enriching week-long sleep away camp experience.

Private Scholarships & Grants

embrella also provides privately funded scholarships and grants for New Jersey foster children and children adopted from DCF who are high school seniors.