Heart to Heart

embrella’s peer mentoring program matches experienced kinship and resource parents with other kinship and resource parents who may need additional support.

embrella’s Mentors provide extra support, encouragement, friendship and guidance. They understand the concerns, issues and daily challenges of being a resource, kinship and/or adoptive parent as they have gone through similar experiences through being licensed in New Jersey.

Mentors Can:

  • Provide a listening and supportive ear
  • Encourage, coach and guide resource parents
  • Connect resource parents to embrella’s local Connecting Families meetings
  • Refer resource parents to embrella’s Family Support Advocates for advocacy and additional support services

Please note: embrella’s mentors cannot provide legal advice or advocacy services

Mentees Can Get Help With

  • What to expect as kinship caregiver or newly licensed family
  • Handling the many needs of children in care
  • Adoption or KLG process
  • Children being reunified

Contact with Mentor is primarily by phone or email. Frequency and method of contact may vary depending on Mentor/Mentee availability and preference; however, once a month contact is an expectation of the program. Due to the current pandemic, embrella does not promote meeting in person at this time.

embrella is providing this Mentor/Mentee matching program to serve as a resource to the community. embrella is not responsible for the advice provided in the Mentor/Mentee relationship. Any information provided should be verified with a embrella Family Support Advocate. embrella does not guarantee the quality of advice provided in this relationship nor is making any representation about the mentor or mentee other than that both parties are or were a kinship caregiver or a licensed resource parent in the State of New Jersey.