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When you help foster kids by donating to embrella, you give much more than money; you give them the chance to lead self-sufficient, productive and happy adult lives.
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Mentors provide extra support, encouragement, friendship and guidance. They understand the concerns and daily challenges of being a resource, kinship, and/or adoptive parent.
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embrella is the voice of foster, adoptive, and kinship families across New Jersey. Share your story with us!
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Help shape embrella's future by becoming a member of the board.
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Make a Change to Legislation

Contacting your State or Congressional Representative can feel overwhelming or scary. You may feel like your opinion doesn’t matter or that your voice won’t be heard. But this is exactly why YOUR voice is so important!
Decision makers need to hear the stories that affect the voters in their districts. Your stories help influence the way they vote on current legislation that will ultimately affect the way in which children in foster and kinship care will receive services.

There are many bills introduced into Congress and State Legislatures each year. We have outlined a current resolution relevant to the foster, kinship and adoptive community, how it would affect you and the children in your care, and how to get in touch with your representatives so they can hear your voice.

We will update this page with action alerts regularly, so keep checking in to see how you can Get Involved!

The Current Issue at Hand

Name of bill or resolution: NJ A1357- New Jersey Siblings’ Bill of RightsPASSED 

What it means to you and the children in your care: This bill was drafted by the Department of Children and Families Youth Council, which consists of 24 young New Jersey residents with lived experience in child welfare. This bill provides the following rights for siblings in care. 

  • To be placed with siblings when possible and in the best interests of all siblings placed together, including placement together in congregate care settings when possible; 
  • To be placed in the closest proximity possible to other siblings who are not in out-of-home placement or if placement together is not possible, when it is in the best interests of the child; 
  • To be allowed to participate in the permanency planning decisions of their siblings, as age and developmentally appropriate, and to have their recommendations and wishes in this regard documented in the case record, in the words written or otherwise expressed by the sibling when possible; 
  • To know or be made aware of expectations for continued contact with their siblings after an adoption or transfer of permanent physical and legal custody to a relative;
  • To be promptly informed about changes in sibling placements or circumstances; to be permitted in-person contact with siblings, if in the best interest of both siblings;  
  • To be provided necessary transportation as reasonable, and to have access to a phone or computer that allows for virtual visits in between or when face-to-face visits are not feasible; to be actively involved in their siblings’ lives, including planning and attending celebrations, birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other meaningful milestones, to the greatest extent possible;  
  • To not have sibling visits, including phone calls and virtual visits, be denied as a result of behavioral consequences when residing in a resource family home or congregate care setting; and to be provided updated contact information for all siblings, at least annually, including a current telephone number, address, and email address, unless not in the best interests of one or more siblings. 

How to Take Action

What you can do to Get Involved: NJ S1034– New Jersey Siblings’ Bill of Rights was introduced to the Assembly Women and Children Committee on 1/11/2022. It was passed by the NJ Senate on 5/26/2022. Now it is currently, pending with the NJ Assembly. You can act by finding and asking your NJ Legislator to vote in favor of this bill. 

Visit to learn more and see how you can connect with your legislators This site also offers tips on how to effectively communicate your story and ask for their support!

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Founded in 1972 and incorporated in 1974, embrella, formerly Foster and Adoptive Family Services, serves foster, adoptive and kinship parents in communities throughout NJ. We provide services, support and training opportunities for foster, adoptive and kinship families. We help foster children by offering programs to support them from childhood to young adulthood.