Apply for a Fostering Wishes for Children Grant

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Eligibility Requirements


Wishes are granted to children who are in the custody of New Jersey Child Protection & Permanency (CP&P) with an open case, or have been adopted from NJ CP&P, and are 21 years or younger. You may request up to $250 per child, per year in the categories listed below.


Qualifying Activities and Supplies

  • Rental or purchase of equipment or supplies for special training/instruction, e.g., musical instruments, art supplies (unless cost is assumed by the school)
  • Specialized training or instruction based upon exceptional ability, skill or interest demonstrated by the child, e.g., music, art, computer science (unless the cost is assumed by the school).
  • Registration and/or uniform and equipment expenses for organized youth organizations such as Little League and other sports, Girl and Boy Scouts, 4H and other local recreational programs (unless funds are available through DCP&P), *Private, public and parochial school uniforms are NOT covered
  • Class trips, field trips (unless cost is assumed by the school)
  • Graduation/senior class expenses, e.g., yearbook, class ring, prom tickets**
  • School pictures, metal eyeglass frames or contact lenses not covered by Medicaid