Fostering Wishes For Children

Fostering Wishes program grants wishes to foster children for the “little extras” in life that, often times, the State and foster parents are unable to provide due to financial constraints.

“He enjoys summer camp, and looks forward to it all year long. Without the grant I would not have been able to send him on some of the field trips that the camp offers and I know he would have felt left out on that day.”

- Angela, Foster Parent

“This donation was truly a wish come true. This child has never played a sport before and being a part of team increased his self esteem, gained a sense of belonging and made new friends. He created memories to last and captured many pictures to look back on this experience. Thank you!”

- Katie, Foster Parent

Wishes make a difference.

Fostering Wishes

Fostering Wishes awards up to $250 per child in foster care for special activities or tangible items. 
Many foster families are unable to provide “extras” to their foster children due to financial constraints.
These funds can be used to pay for ballet shoes, sports equipment, school yearbooks,
amusement or theme park passes, senior class rings, prom tickets,
registration for camp, scouting expenses, and more.
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Promotes foster children’s feelings of belonging by allowing them to take part in class trips, proms, etc.

Provides opportunities to develop talents that build self-esteem, such as art and music lessons

Allows NJ foster children to develop physical fitness, as well as team-building and leadership skills through participation in sports