The Backpack Program

is now The Bag Project

Our Backpack Program was born from the images of children being removed from their homes for reasons of abuse or neglect with their belongings placed in trash bags.

“I’ll always remember my foster son was so amazed that someone was giving him something; his whole face lit up when he got the backpack, and he just kept thanking us and thanking us. He had been removed from his home for severe neglect; at age five, he had been found wandering on the side of a highway alone, looking for food. I don’t think he had ever been given anything new in his life that he could remember. He cherished that backpack and used it every day in school.”

- Cheryl, Foster Parent

“It seems simple. But for our kids, it’s not. It’s more than a backpack. It’s a statement of support. It’s someone saying ‘I matter.’ And that is invaluable.”

- Maya, Foster Parent

It's more than a backpack - it's a chance to welcome them home.

embrella’s Backpack Program

is now The Bag Project

Today, when caring people like you donate new backpacks or duffle bags, new supplies, or funds to purchase backpacks, duffle bags, and supplies they are given to children in foster care by their foster parents as a gift to welcome foster children into the foster home.

The Bag Project:

Comforts NJ children in foster care by providing them with personal items such as a new stuffed animal to cuddle, pajamas, a blanket, toiletries, and school supplies to ease the transition into the foster home

Helps foster parents bond with children in their care and provides them with essential items they need to bring a child into their home, even in the middle of the night or on a holiday