• Telecommuters are expected to review and adhere to the Telecommuting Policy as well as all other embrella Policies.

    • All employees are required to clock-in and out on the time management system when telecommuting.

    • Non-exempt staff is not permitted to exceed 7 hours per day without prior permission from the CEO.

    • The work assignment shall be handled and completed in the same manner as non-telecommuter assignments.

    • All telecommuters are required to submit a Telecommuting Report Form to their Supervisors within two days of the telecommuting date.

    CERTIFICATION: I understand that any telecommuting arrangements must be approved in advance by embrella and it is solely within embrella' discretion to allow me to telecommute. I understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Telecommuting Policy in the Employee Manual. I also understand that the telecommuting arrangement may be cancelled at any time. I understand that embrella' needs take priority over the telecommuting arrangement and therefore this schedule may be altered to require my presence at my primary workstation at any time. I assure that I will maintain a safe office environment at my remote office location. I also understand that embrella' approval to allow me to telecommute does not alter the status of my at-will employment.