What is it?

The Training Transcript is a record of all embrella training programs you have completed, as a licensed resource parent, also known as foster adoptive or kinship parent, which relate to your work as a resource parent. View a sample copy of a NJ Resource Parent Training Transcript.

How does it work?

  • Attend a Foster Adoptive & Kinship Parent Support Group meeting with a training presentation, complete a Home Correspondence Course, or participate in an eLive Webinar Workshop (coming soon!)
  • embrella will keep a record of aforementioned embrella training programs on your personal transcript.
  • Once a year, embrella will automatically send you two copies of your transcript. If you find that you need a transcript at any other time during the year, please call the embrella Training Department at 1.800.222.0047 to request an updated transcript be sent to you.
  • If you participated in a embrella training program and have indicated on your training registration form that you would like embrella to forward your transcript to the Office of Licensing, you will receive only one copy of your transcript.
  • Transcripts for embrella’s Free NJ Foster Parent Online Training (Resource Parent Online Training) can be printed out by you, the resource parent. We recommend you print your online training transcript each time you complete an online training. If you have not accessed online training in two (2) months and require a transcript of your online training, please call embrella and ask for the Training Department.

If you would like a copy of your transcript at any time during the year, call embrella toll-free 1.800.222.0047 and speak with the training administrative assistant or simply request it online. We will be happy to send you a copy.