Educational Supports

embrella’ Educational Supports program helps New Jersey Foster Care Scholars who have a history of homelessness purchase textbooks, food, laptops and more.


“I am currently a psychology major at Centenary University. I am hopeful to spend my career working in a hospital with psychiatric patients one day…I am a full-time student and I am holding two jobs that just barely cover my expenses. I commute about 45 minutes to school twice a week. This long commute can be costly…the assistance you have provided me will be of great help. It will help take one less expense off my plate and allow me to commute to school with no worries or extra stress about having money for gasoline. ”

Kacey, Age 19

“It is because of your generosity that I can afford to go to school and concentrate on my [studies]. I’m the only person providing for myself, and food would have been a financial burden. I wouldn’t be able to focus on my studies had I not been able to afford food. I was nervous that I might run out of food, but thanks to you, I won’t have to worry about it this semester…You gave me great comfort by showing me that I have people who wish me to succeed. “

Amanda, Age 20

Give the Gift of Education

Established in 2014 with an initial grant from the Dreams R Us Foundation, embrella’ Educational Supports program targets New Jersey Foster Care Scholar youth who have a history of homelessness, and who are not eligible for specific supports through other state and federal programs. Although these students are able to receive assistance towards tuition and fees at their postsecondary institution, the cost of room and board, books, supplies and living expenses often impede their educational attainment. This program aims to lessen the financial burden for these NJFC Scholars by providing them with transportation assistance, food cards, equipment such as computers or supplies and other requests that support the adolescent towards their academic success.