Your support changes foster children’s lives for the better. Here’s how you can:

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Warm a neglected child’s heart during the holidays – Your $20.00 donation buys children in foster families new gifts for the holidays and helps throw a party where they can experience the joy and excitement of the season.(With the help of kind people like you, embrella has hosted holiday parties and given gifts to over 2,000 foster families annually so far.)

Replace an abused child’s sad memory with a happy one – Your $50.00 donation helps send a foster child to summer camp, where he can enjoy swimming and arts and crafts, make new friends, and sometimes, spend treasured time with a brother or sister living in a different foster home. (With the help of caring people like you, embrella has sent over 200 foster children to summer camp so far.)

Comfort an abused child entering foster care – Your $75.00 donation gives a child a backpack filled with pajamas, a storybook, and a stuffed animal to cuddle for her first night in a new home. (With the help of kind people like you, embrella has given out over 10,000 backpacks to foster children so far.)

Make a wish come true for a foster child – Your $100.00 donation gives a foster child the chance to take music lessons, play sports on their school team, buy a yearbook or even go to the prom. Your gift helps them experience the same fun and enriching activities as kids who aren’t in foster care, boosting their self-esteem and feelings of belonging. (With the help of caring people like you, embrella has granted over 1,300 wishes to foster children so far.

Your support, in any amount, makes all the difference.

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