embrella’ Board of Directors 2014-2015

Glenda Elie, President
Lynn Nowak, Board Member/First Vice President
Janet Farrand, Second Vice President
Janis Nietzer, Secretary
Ed Ciak, Treasurer
Roberta Hester, Board Member
John Morino, Board Member
Vincent Terry, Board Member
Sue Dondiego, Advisor to the Board

embrella’s Management 2014-2015

Mary Jane Awrachow, Chief Executive Officer
Tara Rizzolo, Director of Support Services
Fran Gervasi, Director of Education and Human Resources
Lynn Patmalnee, Director of Communication and Development
Millicent Barry, Director of Scholarship Programs

A Message From Our CEO Mary Jane Awrachow Statement of Activities Support Training
Scholarship Communication and Development Programs and Services Thank You