PURPOSE: embrella’s (formerly Foster and Adoptive Family Services’) Commitment Award is presented to acknowledge the contributions of an individual, team of individuals or an organization that has steadfastly supported embrella’s efforts to succeed in its mission.

CRITERIA: The following criteria will be taken into account in choosing the recipient of the Commitment Award. These criteria are intended to provide a common set of goals for the nomination and selection process. The primary criterion for consideration for this award is steadfast support towards mission success by providing:

  1. Exemplary performance in steadfastly supporting the mission of embrella or one of its projects. Established record or significant contribution sustained over a period of time.
  2. Continuous leadership in steadfastly supporting improvement of embrella, its services, operations or projects. Offering meaningful, friendly assistance to serve as a role model for the other individuals of organizations.
  3. Innovative and /or creative ideas that have improved the efficiency and or effectiveness of the association. Providing guidance and patient follow through for implementation of these ideas.
  4. Contributions at the local, state or national level that have had a significant influence on foster care (i.e.: resulted in positive foster care reform or brought extensive contributions to embrella scholarship or other funds).
  5. Cooperation and harmony: making embrella a more pleasant place for others to actively participate and contribute. Outstanding concern for the welfare of others, which has led to an improved environment for staff and volunteers.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual, team of individuals or organization is eligible to be nominated, with the exception of those serving on the Executive Board and or Selection Committee.

embrella Commitment Award

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE NOMINEE (Please provide as much information as possible.)



  • Describe the reasons you have nominated this individual or organization. Please refer to the above description of the embrella.