The Story of the Krayeskys

It’s obvious that Dan and Deb Krayesky love each other very much. So much, in fact, that they thought it only appropriate to share that love with New Jersey’s children in care. So that’s just what they did.

Dan and Deb were doing their best to overcome a deeply personal and devastating loss when they welcomed two young boys into their home. But their loss and the boys’ difficult past couldn’t stop them from opening their hearts and their home to two young children who truly needed help.

Prior to becoming a part of Dan and Deb’s family, these two boys had suffered through a long, contested legal battle in an abusive situation. It’s easy to understand that when they first arrived in Dan and Deb’s home, they were timid and untrusting. But after experiencing all the warmth and love that this wonderful couple has to offer they’ve grown to become bright, thriving, well-adjusted and happy children.

For the first time, these two boys are experiencing playing team sports like soccer, where they can learn important life skills and build lasting friendships. They’re finding out for the first time that spending the holidays with a loving family is a feeling like no other. According to the boys, everything about their new family is absolutely “awesome!”

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And Dan and Deb are learning how important it is to share the love you have with those around you. They share it with one another, with their growing family, and even with their friends and neighbors. The proud couple encourages everyone to get involved in helping New Jersey’s children in care because they’ve seen firsthand that a loving family and a warm home make all the difference.