Help Monmouth County’s Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Children to Dream

Join Team TMAA & Support the Dreamers & Believers Program

Dreams are what helps define us. Sometimes they’re large and life changing, other times they’re simpler and more practical. But whatever they are, they’re a symbol of what we believe about ourselves and what we want for the future.

Meet D.

Every child has a dream.

For 19-year-old D., a Monmouth County kid adopted from foster care, his dream starts with a guitar. But while most dream of being a guitar god and rocking out to giant stadiums with adoring fans, that isn’t D. Like most children who have been in the foster care system, he wants to give back. His dream is to teach. “This award would help me to achieve my dream of being a music teacher in my own business,” D. said. Donate to help D. and others like him achieve their dreams.

Join Team TMAA & Support the Dreamers & Believers Program

Our dreams for ourselves start as children. But for children in foster, adoptive and kinship care, dreaming doesn’t come as easy. The children in New Jersey’s foster care system are the victims of abuse and neglect. Their homes are sometimes unsafe, their lives sometimes in jeopardy and their hopes often unheard.

That’s why Team TMAA is dedicated to helping raise money to support the dreams of Monmouth County’s foster, adoptive and kinship children. Through donations to embrella’s Dreamers and Believers program, children in foster, adoptive and kinship care can afford the enrichment experiences that lead them to their dreams.

Meet G.

An 8-year-old in foster care, G. has always been an active child. Bursting with energy and full of spirit, G. never knew how to channel that vitality productively. That is, until G. discovered cheerleading. “I love cheerleading because I have a good time and I have friends,” G. said. What for many children may seem like just an extracurricular activity, is anything but. For G., it’s an opportunity to experience a new world, a chance to have a dream. That’s why G. wants to attend cheerleading classes on Saturdays. Donate to help G. and others like her achieve their dreams.

Meet A.

Little girl playing with her dog
Adopted from foster care, 12-year-old A. from Monmouth County has always loved animals. But while most kids would be content to simply love and pet them, A. isn’t like most kids. She wants to help them for the rest of her life. A. dreams of being a veterinarian. To do this, A. needs to improve in a subject she struggles with: math. Like most foster kids, A. isn’t afraid of a challenge. That’s why she hopes to get a math tutor, to start her down the path of her dream. “I would like to say thank you for helping me to become a good vet for the animals,” A. said. Donate to help A. and others like her achieve their dreams.

Meet K.

Girl on Sewing Machine
What started as a way to connect with her grandma soon became a passion and dream for 13-year-old K. Adopted from foster care, K. has a deep love for sewing. However, the Middlesex County girl isn’t content to be a simple seamstress. She dreams of pursuing her passion to the next level. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But in order to do that, she wants to attend a semester of classes at Karen’s School of Fashion. “I would say thanks,” K. wrote. “I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity.” Donate to help K. and others like her achieve their dreams.

Meet S.

Autumn outdoor portrait of beautiful African American young woma
Sometimes those who have seen the worst in the world are the same who are the best at capturing the beauty in it. That’s why 15-year-old S., adopted from foster care, dreams of becoming a professional photographer. The Middlesex County girl loves capturing the world in photos. “Photography is my passion, S. wrote. “It’s something that makes me smile. Photography is unique and it makes me feel special.” K. hopes to attend two weeks at Princeton Photo Workshop improving her skills in order to be one step closer to her dream. Donate to help S. and others like her achieve their dreams.