Donation in Memory

Make a Donation in Memory of a Friend or Loved One

An embrella memorial donation is an excellent way to celebrate the memory of a loved one who cared about embrella’s mission to provide support, training and advocacy to meet the special needs of foster, adoptive and kinship families who provide safe, stable and nurturing homes for children in foster care. When your memorial donation is received, embrella will promptly send a personalized tribute card to the person or family you indicated, notifying them of your thoughtfulness.

Memorial donations are often requested by families in lieu of flowers; when you donate in memory of a friend or loved one, your consideration of their wishes will surely be appreciated.

Your secure online donation will provide support, training, education, and advocacy to abused and neglected children and the families that care for them. Donations in memory, like all donations to embrella, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you for celebrating the memory of a loved one by fostering hope for others.

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