Get to Know embrella 40 Club Member Patricia Shackleford

How long have you been fostering?

20 years.

How many children in foster care have you had in your home?


How many of these children (if any) have you adopted?

Two, in preparation of adopting one more.

What made you become a foster parent?

I’m a praying woman and I was asking God what I should do. It came to me that I should take care of old people or young people – I chose the young people.

What advice would you give to your fellow foster parents?

If you cannot deal with children with all kind of different attitudes and personality, don’t bother. Treat these kids like they’re your own blood kids that you gave birth to.

What is the most important thing you would like the public to know about foster families?

Yes has to be yes, and no has to be no. When you go on vacation, get permission to take them – they’re part of your family!

If you could leave a message in a bottle for children in foster care, what would it be?

I love you!