Get to Know embrella 40 Club Member, Matt Caffrey

How long have you been fostering?

Since November 2003.

How many children in foster care have you had in your home?


How many of these children (if any) have you adopted?


What made you become a foster parent?

It is something that we have always felt called to do.

What advice would you give to your fellow foster parents?

Provide consistency, structure and unconditional love.

What is the most important thing you would like the public to know about foster families?

It may be difficult to say ‘goodbye’, but that has never stopped us from wanting to help another baby needing a loving place to stay.

How has embrella helped you as a foster parent?

The ability to do the training from at-home has been a terrific convenience and better use of our time.

If you could leave a message in a bottle for children in foster care, what would it be?

You are loved and never forgotten.